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The REAL REASON You Haven't Gotten "Unstuck" Yet

If you’re like most of my patients, you’ve probably done “all the things…”

  You’ve been to your primary care…

  You’ve gone to see a GI doctor… or two … or three…

  You’ve gone to a Naturopath…

  You’ve spent a gagillion dollars on Integrative and Functional doctors…

  You’ve researched the CRAP out of your diagnosis- on Facebook groups, Youtube, Podcasts, Summits, Pubmed…

Heck, you could probably become a licensed physician with all of the knowledge you’ve accumulated! But what has all that bright, shiny knowledge gotten you?

If you’re reading this, I would wager “close to zip.”

As a matter of fact, I’ve found that this never-ending quest to “figure it out” leaves most people more overwhelmed and confused than when they started their journey. And what’s worse? This sense of overwhelm, anxiety, and depression makes you start to think:

“Nobody and nothing has helped me so I must be a lost cause. Maybe I’ll never heal my gut.”

But let me stop you right there 

No matter what your diagnosis, no matter what your symptom, no matter how long you’ve felt unwell there is always hope.

I’ve seen people go from pooping once a week become daily poopers (one lady complained that she was “kind of getting sick of pooping” 😂)

I’ve seen inflammation levels (in bloodwork) go from “heart attack waiting to happen” to normal in a matter of weeks.

I’ve seen people go from 10 “failed” rounds of 💊 Xifaxan to SIBO-free in a matter of months.

The key to all of their success?

  • They learned to listen to their bodies again.
  • They learned to trust in their body’s ability to heal.
  • They followed a step-by-step formula designed to get them results.

Hi, I'm Dr. DiNezza

I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you treat their IBS or SIBO, rehab their microbiome, reintroduce FODMAPs, and live their dang life again.

I know what it’s like to be where you are right now. I know what it’s like to fear food. I know what it’s like to miss out on outings because my diet was impossible to manage at a restaurant. I know what it’s like to try to function with a list of “cannot eat” foods a mile long- it’s exhausting.

As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I strongly believe that food has the power to heal. I have also learned that we cannot restrict or starve our way to good health- we need to add good nutrition. We need to add joy to our treatment plans!

You can trust me to help you.

Let’s get those FODMAPs back in your diet once and for all.

Dr. Nicole DiNezza, DC, NTP

The Truth:

Your Gut NEEDS You

Every unpleasant symptom...

Every time you've felt "held back" by your gut...

Everything you wish would just disappear...

Is just your gut begging you for help and understanding.

If your best friend in the whole world started acting strangely, stopped doing her job, and started wrestling people on the street for no apparent reason…

  You wouldn’t ignore her…

  You wouldn’t tell her that she’s “the worst” or “broken…”

  You wouldn’t tell her “I wish I could replace you with a NEW best friend.”

  And you sure as heck wouldn’t give up on her.

You would see her newfound dysfunction as a plea for help and get her the help she needed. You would rally a team around her. You would support her. You would listen to her.

I’m asking you to do the same for your gut.

In my years of experience treating folks with IBS, SIBO, and IBD, I have seen a few common threads.

  • The people who heal and the ones who believe that they can.
  • The people who heal are the ones who learn to love their bodies BEFORE they achieve their goals.
  • The people who heal are the ones who are willing to let go, even if it’s just a little, and place their trust in an expert and a proven process.


A Proven System for Finally Understanding What Your Gut WANTS (and Delivering!)

...or Your Money Back!

  • Uncover the sneaky misconceptions that are keeping you stuck
    • Psst- even the best functional medicine doctors get a lot of these WRONG
  • Discover how to keep your motility humming along like a well-oiled machine 
  • Learn what your body needs in order to digest your food (WITHOUT having to take a million digestive enzymes for the rest of your life!)
  • Finally gain the clarity you crave around what foods you should and shouldn’t add back into your diet (and how and when)
  • Learn how to actually eradicate SIBO once and for all… while eating those oh-so-yummy FODMAPs.
  • Learn to decode the cues your gut is sending you (and what action they necessitate).

Space Is Limited









Happy FODMAP Freedom Students Are Saying:


"(About a month after the program) I was eating all the things I couldn't eat before!"

- Nikki

"This has given me my life back, and it has given me confidence in understanding what I need to do... All the while, enjoying food and life again finally."

- Stella


"This has given me my life back, and it has given me confidence in understanding what I need to do... All the while, enjoying food and life again finally."

- Stella


"The abdominal soreness is gone... The constant urge to use the bathroom? No, that's gone."

- Cathy

"FODMAP Freedom allowed me to reintroduce SO many foods back into my diet that after ten years of limitations I thought I would NEVER be able to eat again!"

- Olivia


"FODMAP Freedom allowed me to reintroduce SO many foods back into my diet that after ten years of limitations I thought I would NEVER be able to eat again!"

- Olivia


"Before I was STUCK and disheartened, but now I have direction!"

- Georgia

"I was at the place where I thought I would NEVER be able to eat FODMAPs again but after completing her class, I'm now able to enjoy my favorite ones!"

- Suzanne


"I was at the place where I thought I would NEVER be able to eat FODMAPs again but after completing her class, I'm now able to enjoy my favorite ones!"

- Suzanne

The Guarantee That Makes This ALL A Complete No-Brainer:

I’m confident in your ability to heal. Are you?

You’ll be surprised how much progress you can make in our 90 days together, but we all know that real, deep healing takes time. It is for this reason that FODMAP Freedom has a unique guarantee.

If you complete the lessons in FODMAP Freedom and continue to apply what you learned diligently and patiently, you will get results.

And if you don’t?

I will email you one year after you invested in FODMAP Freedom. If at that time you have not made significant strides in your gut health, simply email me back and ask for a refund. I will ask that you provide feedback about what could have been done better in the program, why you believe it didn’t work for you, and some proof that you applied what you learned. Then, I will happily refund you 100% of your investment.

I’m that confident that this program will change your life.

(More information is available in the FAQ section)

What About Gluten and Dairy?

I am extremely confident that you can eat all the high FODMAP fruits and veggies again. But what about gluten and dairy? I'm not saying that nobody will be able to reintroduce these foods- I've seen it happen plenty of times. But there are some notable exceptions.

The following should help you gauge the likelihood that you will be able to reintroduce gluten and/or dairy:

1. If you have Celiac disease like me or a wheat or gluten allergy I cannot help you eat gluten again. If you have another type of autoimmune disease (like Hashimoto's, Rheumatoid Arthritis, or Psoriasis) there is a low (but not zero) chance that this program can help you eat gluten again.

2. If you are lactose intolerant there is a low likelihood that you’ll be able to eat dairy without enzyme pills and not experience unpleasant symptoms from that. This is particularly true if you are of an ethnicity that has a high incidence of lactose intolerance (Latino, Asian, or African descent). If you have an autoimmune disease and have found that dairy flares those symptoms, there is a low (but not zero) chance that this program will help you eat dairy again. If you have a dairy allergy I cannot help you eat dairy again.

Everything You Need To Heal Your Gut

The program will last 12 weeks and will cover everything you need to know to improve your digestion, decrease gas and bloating, poop like a champion, and reintroduce those yummy FODMAPs.

Week 1: FODMAP Freedom Blueprint

In the first week of the program you'll learn:

  • How to identify your root cause(s) so that SIBO never comes back again
  • Three "dealbreakers" that MUST be tended to ASAP (unless you're into SIBO-sabotage)
  • The BEST way to reintroduce high FODMAP foods to MINIMIZE bloating and discomfort
  • How to navigate setbacks and "if-then" scenarios
    • If you experience bloating after a reintroduction, then do this...
    • If you experience reflux after reintroducing a food, then do this...
    • If you experience brain fog or joint pain after reintroducing a food, then do this...

Week 2: Gut Health Deal Breakers

In the second week of the program you'll discover:

  • The FIVE key "deal breakers" that will halt your gut healing efforts if they are not addressed
    • One deal-breaker has been shown to affect 50% of people with IBS (compared to 9-15% of healthy controls)
    • Another has been shown to affect 47% of people with IBS (compared to 19% of healthy controls)

Week 3: Digestive Juices and YOU

In the third week of the program you'll discover:

  • The single most important thing you can do to ensure proper digestion and absorption (without spending mad $$$$ on supplements)
  • How to keep your digestion running smoothly and effectively
  • The TRUTH about digestive enzymes (hint: no, it's not "take them forever and ever")

Week 4: It's All About Motility, Baby

In the fourth week of the program you'll:

  • Learn how motility, the vagus nerve, and the MMC work so that you can get them all working in unison again
  • Reveal why just taking a pill (natural or RX) is NOT the best way to enhance motility
  • Discover three PROVEN supplements that will kickstart your motility and decrease bloating

Week 5: Sleep, Your Adrenals, and Your Guts

In the fifth week of the program you'll dive into:

  • How the adrenals play into gut health (hint: it's not as simple as "adrenal fatigue" or what you've read on the internet)
  • How the circadian rhythm (or lack thereof) influences your gut microbes
  • Practical tools for tending to your adrenals and improving sleep (no, I don't expect you to turn off all electronics after 8:00)

Week 6: Sneaky Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies YOU Need to Know About

In the sixth week of the program you'll discover:

  • The most common vitamin and mineral deficiencies amongst folks with IBS and SIBO and how these deficiencies are stalling your healing
  • How to replenish these nutrients through food
  • When to consider taking vitamin and mineral supplements
  • What happens when you take too many vitamins and minerals (hint: more is not always better)

Week 7: The Three Types of Gassy Guts

In the seventh week of the program we'll dissect:

  • The three known types of gas that cause bloating and discomfort
    • And most importantly, what to do about each! (yes, we'll go way beyond the standard "take allicin for methane" etc shtick.)
  • The microbes that "overgrow" in the human small bowel (the REAL culprits behind SIBO)
    • And, of course, what can be done about each

Week 8: Demystifying Leaky Gut Syndrome

In the eighth week of the program you'll learn:

  • The #1 MYTH about leaky gut syndrome (that not even the best integrative doctors get right!)
  • How to tell if YOU have leaky gut syndrome
    • Fyi, not everyone in the program has leaky gut!
  • Best practices for healing leaky gut (taught by somebody who spent TWO YEARS trying to heal her own leaky gut before getting it right)

Week 9: The Immune-Gut Connection

In the ninth week of the program you'll:

  • Learn the importance of the two-way street that is the gut-immune connection
    • Yes, you can affect your immune system by healing your gut, but did you know the opposite is also true?
  • Discuss the importance of mast cells and histamine
  • Learn how likely it is that YOU have an issue with dietary histamine
    • Note, not everybody in the program has a problem with histamine!

Week 10: Hormones and Your Gut

In the tenth week of the program I'll teach you:

  • How hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone affect the gut
  • How important thyroid hormones are for proper gut function
  • Safe, natural methods to balance your hormones so that you can take yourself out of the symptom roller coaster

Week 11: Evidence-Based Detoxification 

In the eleventh week of the program you'll learn:

  • The role of the gut-liver axis in healing the gut
  • The most common toxicants we are exposed to that are making us sick
  • Safe, evidence-based detoxification strategies for the modern human

Week 12: Probiotics and Prebiotics

In the twelfth week of the program you'll learn:

  • How to pick the BEST probiotics (blending science and my clinical experience using probiotics in my functional medicine practice)
  • How to pick the BEST prebiotics
    • Which ones are best for people with IBS? SIBO? IBD?
    • Which ones are best for certain types of dysbiosis or overgrowth?
    • How to select a SIBO-safe prebiotic
    • Should you stay on the same one forever, or rotate every so often?

My Wish For You


I know what it’s like to feel like your life is ruled by your gut. I know what it’s like to wonder “will today be a good day or a bad day?” I know what it’s like to feel like your gut is the enemy.

My hopes and dreams for you are many, in truth, but I will sum them up as best I can. No matter what path you take (FODMAP Freedom or otherwise), in the very near future…

  • I hope that you are able to eat any fruit or veggie you wish. If you want to swim in a pool of garlic Scrooge McDuck style I wish you the freedom to do so (just shower afterward, ok?).
  • I hope that you have the ability to eat whatever you wish, while also having the wisdom to make healthy choices most of the time.
  • I hope that you trust your body and that you know that your body wants to be in perfect health, even when it doesn’t feel like it.
  • I hope that you forget much of what you’ve learned in your journey because you no longer feel the need to “figure it out.”
  • I hope that your life is care-free, peaceful, and full of joy.

So, How Much Is My Investment?   

FODMAP Freedom may not be cheap, but it will show you how to get results. Results that finally allow you to live your life and enjoy food again.

It's not some $49/month "detox program" or $129 summit recordings to add to your collection.

It's also not like the times you've invested a ton in your health and still had diddly squat to show for it...

For example, conventional medical treatment for IBS can cost you upwards of $6,000.00+ per year and still leave you without answers or solutions.

  • Conventional Gastro: $381.00 per appointment
  • RD (if they even have one on staff): $100.00+ per appointment
  • Colonoscopy: $2,750.00
  • Endoscopy: $2,750.00
  • Rifaximin: $1,000.00 per round
  • Bloodwork: ...?
  • Profound advice like "some people just have bad bowels," "it's just IBS," "this is normal for women of your age," or "just google it": PRICELESS

(These are all real things doctors have told my students or patients.)

Then there's functional/integrative and naturopathic medicine, which often gets you closer to real answers, but leaves you feeling like a crazy pill-popper from all the dang supplements they sell you...

  • Doctor's fees: $5,000.00 - $8,000.00
  • Functional lab testing (GI Maps and whatnot): $2,000.00 - $5,000.000
  • Supplements: $2,000.00+ per year
  • The joy that fills your heart as 8,371 supplement capsules fill your belly: PRICELESS

I'm 100% confident that FODMAP Freedom will put you on the path to success.

  • A flat, non-bloated belly
  • A plateful of all the foods you miss
  • Perfect, nearly instagram-worthy poops
  • Confidently eating at a restaurant or a wedding
  • A nourished, strong body that you can rely on

I believe in your ability to achieve this. Do you?

Don't Miss Out!

Enrollment Closes Friday at Midnight










FODMAP Freedom


For Three Months

  • 12 Value-packed course modules (including videos, audios, references, and handouts)
  • 12 Weekly group coaching / Q&A calls with Dr. DiNezza
  • Lifetime access to our private community
  • Lifetime access to all course materials (including future additions and updates)


I'm In!

Gut Guru Upgrade


Take Your Healing to the Next Level

  • 12 Value-packed course modules (including videos, audios, references, and handouts)
  • 12 Weekly group coaching / Q&A calls with Dr. DiNezza
  • Lifetime access to our private community
  • Lifetime access to all course materials (including future additions and updates)
  • BONUS: 60-Minute Private Session with Dr. DiNezza to accelerate your progress
  • BONUS: 90 Days of one-on-one text support with Dr. DiNezza so you never feel stuck or lost
I'm In!

🥳 PLUS $1,971 in Additional Gifts When You Join! 🎁

The twelve main modules of FODMAP Freedom will completely transform the realtionship you have with your gut. But that's only the beginning...

When you join FODMAP Freedom, you also receive the following bonus goodies that will make your progress even faster and your success even easier

Banish the Burn: GERD & Gastritis Masterclass (E-Course) ($978 Value)

In this value-packed course, you will learn:

  • How to distinguish between indigestion, acid reflux, GERD, H pylori gastritis, and other types of gastritis
  • Effective dietary and herbal tools for the treatment of:
    • Indigestion (Dyspepsia)
    • Acid Reflux/GERD
    • H pylori Gastritis
    • Autoimmune Gastritis
    • Chronic Gastritis

Digestion Reboot (E-Course)

($299 Value)

In this value-packed masterclass, you will learn:

  • The "Ingredients" we all need for healthy digestion
  • How "digestion dominoes" really run the show and keep your guts going
  • Why microbiota diversity is the key to good gut health (and how to eat for a diverse gut microbiota!)

The Consumers Guide to Stool Test Analysis (Guide) ($297 Value)

In this done-for-you guide, you'll discover:

  • Stool tests are available for you to order WITHOUT a doctor's prescription
  • What values are "normal" and what merits treatment or your attention
  • How to use inexpensive stool tests to accelerate your healing with tailored:
    • Antimicrobial recommendations
    • Probiotic recommendations
    • Prebiotic/fiber recommendations
    • Food and drink recommendations

Demystifying Food Sensitivities, Intolerances, and Allergies (Masterclass) ($397 Value)

In this value-packed masterclass, you will learn:

  • The difference between food sensitivities, food intolerances, and food allergies
  • How long each of them take to resolve (or if they do at all)
  • Expert recommendations for how to reintroduce foods based on what type of reaction you are experiencing
  • Contraindications to reintroducing certain foods (i.e. when it is not advisable to attempt to do so)

It's Time to Make Your Choice

You can choose to do nothing and go about life as usual. But that likely means that nothing will change. Just another day/week/month/year with the same bloating and "weird" diet...

When you look to the next 12 months what would you like to see? And what needs to happen to get you there?

Something needs to change.

Whether it's joining FODMAP Freedom or something else, I encourage you to take a new approach to your health this time around.

I, for one, hope you choose to join the FODMAP Freedom family. I love celebrating your victories and I know there would be plenty of them if you join 😊 You can trust me to guide you on this journey.

So, what's it gonna be?

Registration closes soon and I don't want you to miss out.

Still Not Sure? 🤔

No Worries! We've got you covered 😊

Pick a time to speak with a FODMAP Freedom Coach and get your questions answered before you decide to join.


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