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Hi, I'm Dr. DiNezza

Most of my patients have been told that they have a "difficult" or "stubborn" case of SIBO. Some have been told that theirs is the worst their doctor has ever seen. These are the folks who either don't feel better at all or only feel better temporarily and immediately relapse when the "kill phase" of their treatment ends.

So, unsurprisingly, most of my patients feel pretty doomed by the time they find me. Many question their ability to ever heal. I've been told that I'm a "last ditch resort" or a "Hail Mary" more times than I can count.

But, in reality, these people were every bit as capable of healing as any other person.

The problem isn't the patient(s), nor is it SIBO itself. The problem is that the medical community (conventional and holistic alike) has been treating SIBO wrong all this time!

Thankfully, I've cracked the code on SIBO, and I'm sharing all my secrets in the SIBO Hero Practitioner Course.

Your patients and I hope that you join me.

Dr. Nicole DiNezza, DC, NTP

The Elephant In The Room

Your SIBO patients aren't particularly "difficult." Your protocols aren't working because they were built on an inaccurate foundation. You were taught to chase the wrong thing from day one.

We've all heard it before...

"Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth = too many bacteria in the small bowel. Too many bacteria leads to malabsorption, bloating, pain, and stool changes. This might explain up to 84% of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)!"

And, given this story, it's logical to continue to:

"Too many bacteria is the problem, so we need to get rid of the bacteria!"

But, how has this model of SIBO served you and your patients?

My guess is "not well."

Most of the practitioners I've talked to are deeply frustrated by SIBO. They want to help their patients feel better, but that is oftentimes not what happens despite the best of intentions.

Similarly, SIBO patients are frustrated and feel quite hopeless. They've been told that they have a "tough" or "difficult" case one time too many, and now they believe that they'll never feel better.

The reality is that SIBO doesn't have to be frustrating or difficult if you set the right foundation from the get-go. SIBO is not an infection, and we need to stop treating it as though it were one.


A Proven System to FINALLY Help Your Toughest Patients

Everything You Need

Here's a sneak peek into what you will learn inside the SIBO Hero program

A New Definition for SIBO

  • What is SIBO?
    • What bacteria are overgrowing?
    • What do we know about the small bowel microbiota?
    • What role does fungal dysbiosis play in the small bowel?
  • What type(s) of microbial environment(s) correlate with patient symptoms
  • Testing: Aspirate testing, breath testing, and new and emerging technologies for the detection of SIBO
    • When to test and when to consider treating empirically
    • Indications and contraindications
    • Interpretation of test results
    • Interpreting SIBO research that utilizes the different testing methods

SIBO, Holistically

  • Assessing Root Causes
    • What makes some people more prone to SIBO?
    • What directly leads to the development of SIBO?
    • What keeps people stuck once they've developed SIBO?
  • What can be done once we understand the person's root cause(s)?
  • SIBO-associated conditions
    • What diagnoses are associated with a higher incidence of SIBO?
    • Why is SIBO more common in certain groups of people (ex. Celiacs)?
  • The bidirectional relationship between SIBO and:
    • Thyroid hormone function
    • Sex hormone function (estrogen, testosterone)
    • Anemia and/or hypoxia
    • Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and/or diabetes
    • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
    • Histamine intolerance and/or mast cell activation
    • Mental health (ex. anxiety, depression, OCD)
    • Nutritional deficiencies
    • Autoimmune disease

Building Customized Protocols

  • Managing the microbial environment in the small bowel without sacrificing the colon microbiota
  • Targeting anti-microbials
    • Based on gas(es)
    • Based on the organism(s) that are dysbiotic
  • Assessing and boosting digestive capacity
  • Enhancing motility and vagal tone with
    • Supplements and herbs
    • Lifestyle practices
    • Mealtime habits
    • "Vagus nerve stimulation"
  • Targeting probiotics (YES! For SIBO!)
  • Targeting prebiotics (YES! Even with SIBO!) 
  • Nutrition for SIBO
    • Choosing the right "SIBO diet" for each individual patient
    • Avoiding the dietary pattern of treatment-resistant SIBO
    • Using nutrition to correct the root cause of your patient's symptoms
    • Red flags and when to refer out

Become Your Patients' SIBO Hero Today

SIBO Hero Program

$700 USD

  • Lifetime access to all course materials
  • Each module includes:
    • Video Lessons
    • MP3 Audio files
    • PDFs of all referenced articles
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